County Dialogue Forum in Busia

In partnering with us to conduct a County dialogue forum you will afford key county education stakeholders an opportunity to dialogue on important issues pertaining to Education and affecting their counties.

On this, the Coalition will facilitate activities such as the mobilization of key education stakeholders to participate in the dialogue meetings including the mobilization of representatives from marginalized groups including women, children and persons with disabilities. It will also Initiate and facilitate the dialogue processes ensuring the equal participation of all. EYC shall articulate policy positions on various education matters while encouraging participants to discuss pertinent issues affecting their respective counties.

The Coalition will also lead the forum to develop a plan of action for Follow-up.

The Global Action week for Education (GAWE) is celebrated annually globally and provided an opportunity for every national and regional education campaign an opportunity to highlight one area of Education for All Agenda and make targeted efforts to achieve change on the ground.

Elimu Yetu Coalition convenes and coordinates the event in Kenya. Partnering with us on this will make it possible for CSOs to have an opportunity to deliberate and focus a campaign on a critical issue in Kenya.

Here EYC shall;

  • Share the Global theme for the event. Shall organized events leading to the development of a policy statement and a position over a number of issues that it shall use to engage stakeholders.
  • EYC shall also provide an array of initiatives which a partner can choose to participate and support

This is a learning forum event organized through bringing together the participation of various counties based on regional similarity. By supporting this event, a partner affords various counties an opportunity to come together to exchange experiences and also learn from each other. During the sub-national forums EYC facilitates policy discussions based on the various learnings and experience sharing from the counties. Policies especially of regional significance are discussed. A Regional plan of action is then developed to further targeted education objectives arrived at by the participants, which EYC then follows up.

This is an annual event organized by the Coalition that brings together participants from across the country to discuss Education matters especially at the Basic Education level. Participation involves key education stakeholders including members of the Civil Society, Professionals, Teacher Unions, Media, policy makers including the Government.

Recently; and prompted by the challenge posed by COVID-19, Regional conferences have been implemented in lieu of a National Forum as part of the measure to curb the spread of the virus. The National forum has however been implemented through a virtual forum.

By supporting this forum, the partner will make it possible for CSOs to deliberate on current education issues at their respective regions formerly provinces or in the case of a national conference at the National level. The partner will also make it possible for delegates to come up with a communique which is a call for action and asks directed mainly to the Government and also reflecting a commitment from the civil society to undertake actions on their part to improve situations.

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