Curriculum Reforms are part of the Education reforms in Kenya. The country is shifting from the 8.4.4 system that is academic and examination oriented to a system that is competency oriented to address crucial disconnects associated with the current system. These include; disconnects between the school content and the World of Work, the realization of the national goals of education which emphasis core values and principles such as nationalism, social equality and responsibility and finally a disconnect with the needs of the 21st century which has been dubbed as a knowledge and skills age that demands a new set of competencies.

The CBC curriculum is expected to address the demand by the 21st Century for individuals that are multi-skilled and therefore produce a learner with relevant competencies that they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Additionally the new CBC curriculum seeks to produce a child with good character and one that can be able to creatively solve problems.

The Curriculum has so far been implemented up to the Grade eight with grade nine expected to begin in January 2024. The Coalition shall closely follow-up developments in this area with the view of appropriately molding campaign agendas and engagements towards ensuring that every child gets Quality Basic Education.