The Ministry of Education, State department of Basic Education is implementing projects with support from Donor partners. The main programmes include:

  • the Secondary Quality Improvement Project (SEQUIP) funded by a credit amount of USD 200 Million from the International Development Agency (IDA)
  • the Kenya Primary Education Equity in Learning Program (KPEEL). The program was declared effective on 5th August, 2022.  The program is funded by the World Bank, with IDA credit of USD 160 million and a grant from the refugee window of USD 40million and GPE is making a contribution of 100 million USD and LEGO foundation is making a contribution USD 10 million

The main objective of the KPEEL program is to reduce regional disparities in Learning Outcomes, improve the retention of girls in upper primary education and strengthen systems for delivering equitable education outcomes.  The coalition is actively involved in tracking the implementation of the program.