A Partnership compact is a systems Capacity and Transformation Grant and it is a new funding model by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and is being piloted in 5 Countries. Kenya is one of the pilot countries. The others are; Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Uganda and Tajikistan.

The model has been proposed out of the realization that GPE is not adequately leveraged as a Partnership and Donor alignment and harmonization are not consistently practiced.

Additionally, there was also the need for expanded support for Capacity building and evidence also suggested that there was little learning on drivers of system wide change and delivery of impact at scale. As a result the Education Plan grant was converted into system capacity grant.

The new funding model is aimed at realizing a mutual accountability among country level partners through a partnership compact. It entails supporting a sound analysis of context to enable evidence based identification of system transformation priorities and focus of partner support, including from the GPE fund.

As a Pilot Country, Kenya has already began a process of developing the Partnership compact to cover the period of 2021-2025. The Coalition has been involved in the process and shall monitor the implementation of the partnership compact, once finalized, until the end of the period.